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The Sound Mandala

The Sound Mandala is a multi-channel loudspeaker installation. It is an ongoing research tool for "moving sound."

Currently we are working on implementing a VBAP plugin that is built in Max 7 specific to the Mandala.

Other areas of research include HOA decoding, immersive exeperiences, and position tracking in Isadora.


The first Sound Mandala

We built a 48-channel version of the Mandala in the UMKC black box theatre as part of a summer-long research project.


36-channel Mandala in private studio

Putting together a wall of 36 Genelec 8010’s


Tuning the Mandala

Using an omnidirectional measurement mic to tune the Mandala.


Moving the Mandala into the current space

36 Genelec 8010’s ready to hang around the room. The room is entirely enclosed in black Sonex.


The Sound Mandala today

36-channel Mandala set up in an office at UMKC. This is where we are researching and building tools in Max 7.

Researching height and floor channels.

Height Channel.JPG

Height Channel

This is directly above the listener position

Left Channel.JPG

Right and Floor Channels

View of the listener position

Right Channel.JPG

Front Channel

View of from the listener position, note the floor channel.


Left Channel

View from the mix position

Rear Channel.JPG

Rear Channel

View of the mix position

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